Website Policy

We live in an age where the issues of the day receive overwhelming media coverage – mostly from a political point of view. The blame game is alive and well. It is often appropriate to identify system weaknesses, but the problems are more usually caused by human error or events outside Australia. Knee jerk reactions proposed by the media, and taken as a result of political pressure, often result in unrealistic demands or restrictions being placed on individuals and organisations.

AUSBUY believes that issues should be examined in a considered and rational way and various competing views objectively considered. Our website will do that and our articles will explain complicated issues in easily understood terms. We also invite our reader’s comments either agreeing or disagreeing with the AUSBUY position. These should be sent to office(at) with reference to the article they are commenting on. These will then be published on our website so that various points of view appear.

From time to time we will research various issues and will ask you to complete a questionnaire. These questionnaires will be analysed and incorporated in AUSBUY’s future policy deliberations. Your views can be reflected in communications with governments and the bureaucracy. The success of this website will be judged through the degree of involvement of our readers.

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