The AUSBUY Charter

AUSBUY’s reason for being is even more relevant than ever as we have seen a gradual erosion of the principles of a “fair go” for our Owned businesses.

Too often we hear people saying that they want to support Australian companies and products, yet don't know how to. There are several issues which seem almost designed to inhibit the Australian consumer from supporting our own businesses. These include:

  • Our labelling laws
    • are not rigorously enforced,
    • many are deceptive implying that they are Australian when in fact they are owned by foreign companies and imported,
    • the country of origin is not consistent, even if sold under a local house brand,
      • most Australian would prefer to buy food from our Clean Green Environment,
    • labels such as 'Made in Australia' imply the ingredients or components are sourced here, but under labelling laws only 51% of the wholesale cost of goods needs to be transformed here, it makes no reference to ownership,
    • nutritional standards are not consistent and many statements are made which cannot be substantiated about the health benefits,
    • growing conditions for food products such as GM are not highlighted and is a growing concern as the science behind GM is not yet proved unless you take notice of the four global companies who control the seed supply of GM foods, UK and Europe have banned GM, growth is largely in Africa,
    • labels infer they are Australian using the Australian flag, the words Since 1893 for example when the product is no longer sourced here and hte brand is foreign owned
    • some consumers usethe 93 bar code thinking they are buying Australia products, companies need only be registered here to use this bar code, products can be fully imported and foreign owned,
    • many products are dumped here with no label changes at prices below cost to erode our market and gain access, leaving our businesses exposed.
  • Our best companies are sold overseas which means that the decisions and the profits go off shore. In addition, if that business was exporting we lose export opportunities so as not to be in competition with the foreign company’s home source. For example, in the last nine years our exports in food have declined not just because of the drought but also because we have sold the farm.
  • The laws of international trade prevent the government of the day taking direct action to favour Australian business, even though in reality other countries favour and fund their own businesses, subsidising exports to compete directly with Australian products or selling subsidised goods here to compete directly with locally owned and sourced products. It is not a level playing field in anyone’s mind but our's.
  • Many industry groups are influenced or lead by foreign companies. As industry representatives they lobby government and their advisers without representing the long term interests of Australia and our Owned businesses.

AUSBUY is not a political organisation, we realise there are winners as well as losers from these laws. However, with the current down turn our openness has further eroded the opportunities for Australian Owned businesses.

AUSBUY is the only organisation that represents and supports Australian Owned companies which supply goods and services to consumers or to businesses.

AUSBUY is a not-for-profit organisation and gets no Government funding, although other industry consumer groups do, which have a high foreign presence.

AUSBUY believes that the better informed Australians are the better decisions they make as consumers to support Australian Owned businesses.

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that needs to do this because, unlike other western countries, we have exposed our Owned businesses to foreign imports and takeovers more than any other.

The foundations of this country have been built by Australians committed to our future, yet despite the fact we have a history as a productive, clever and innovative country we have made decisions at policy levels which have eroded our future prosperity.

AUSBUY has a number of strategies to mobilise the support for our businesses and our future:

  • identify Australian Owned companies and their products and services so that concerned consumers can support Australian Owned companies,
  • provide our Corporate Members with use of AUSBUY's logos which clearly identify organisations as Australian Owned, Owned and Made, or Owned and Grown,
  • for over two decades we have published the AUSBUY Guide which lists all AUSBUY Members and foreign competitors, so that consumers and businesses can be informed about where they spend their money and the implications of their purchasing decisions,
  • distribute the Guide several times a year nationally through supermarkets,
  • harness the support of our Friends of AUSBUY in their communities throughout Australia,
  • lobby governments on legislative matters which may impact our members,
  • comment on topical matters which AIUBUY believes may be important in terms of our central aims
    • to support the long term future of Australia by promoting Australian companies who will reinvest profits in Australia,
    • provide career and training opportunities for young Australians, build Australian exports and provide services by Australians for Australians,
  • communicate these messages in the media and to interested parties,
  • use the AUSBUY website to keep Corporate members, Friends of AUSBUY and strategic alliances up to date.
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