Akubra Hats is a fifth generation Australian family owned company which employs Australians and manufactures an Australian made product. Being both Australian owned and made are key factors to our success. The work of AUSBUY emphasises these points and endeavours to educate the consumers on the advantages of buying Australian made products. We find our listing in the AUSBUY Guide to be particularly beneficial."

Roy Wilkinson, Company Secretary, Akubra Hats

Gulf Western Oil

"Gulf Western Oil operates in a highly competitive market usually dominated by a few large multi national suppliers with worldwide brand recognition.

Through aggressive use of the Ausbuy logo we have been able to differentiate ourselves from these overseas owned companies and have grown our business by nearly 300% in the last five years.

The Ausbuy logo is used on all packaging, brochures, stationary, signage and media advertising and is supported by competitive pricing, quality certification and high performing products which are formulated for Australian conditions.

Where many of our prospective clients previously thought that we were American owned, the majority of the market now knows Gulf Western as "The Tough Australian ".

Our business continues to gain significant market share in a difficult environment.

I am confident that our membership of Ausbuy and, more importantly, our consistent use of the Ausbuy logo, have contributed strongly to our growth.

At a time when Australian consumers are more aware of the need to "Keep the money in Australia, supporting Australian jobs" it is even more important for Australian owned companies to identify themselves through the use of the Ausbuy logo."

Ross Tubnor, National Sales Manager, Gulf Western Oil


"Australian Made and Owned, Quilton's entire range of toilet and facial tissue products proudly wear the AUSBUY logo. The logo is there to reassure our customers that the profits will stay in Australia, and that they have made a wise decision in helping us become Australia's favourite toilet and facial tissue."

Sunny Ngai, Marketing Director, Quilton

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