Become a Friend of AUSBUY

The Benefits to You:

  • Be empowered as a consumer by being better informed about where your hard earned dollars go
  • Every dollar you spend on Australian owned and made AUSBUY companies is one less dollar foreign debt Australian incurs, and the profits and taxes stay here together with the jobs and our skills.
  • Keep up to date on the real impact of government decisions, the economy and globalisation have on our companies and our jobs.
  • Three times a year receive the AUSBUY Connection with articles on the current state of the Australian economy produced by AUSBUY’s team of businesses professionals, economists and academics, and the AUSBUY Guide prepared especially for AUSBUY Friends and Corporate Members.
  • Encourage your friends to become Friends of AUSBUY.
  • Encourage them to buy the AUSBUY Guide in Woolworths stores, newsagents, supermarkets and book stores around Australia as well as the outlets operated by AUSBUY members with location listed in this Guide.

To become a Friend of AUSBUY go to the Friends Membership Section.

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