Australia is among the best countries in the world in many ways. Sometimes we forget just what contributions we have made. Australia is a Productive, Clever and Innovative Country and given our size we have invented or discovered products or services which have made the world a better place, more productive and more efficient and these add to the quality of life we all enjoy.

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Do you know what we have invented? Our list of Australian inventions might surprise you.

Do you know about our Nobel Peace Prize winners?

Well before Federation in 1901, Australians had demonstrated how innovative they were...Australia is an Innovative Country.

Did you know Australia produced the first feature film - Our Movie Industry.

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The Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Competition

The Dorothea MacKellar Poetry competition is in its 27th Year in 2010 and over 7,000 school students entered the competition. AUSBUY is proud to feature Dorothea MacKellar's poem 'My Country' on the CD, Australia My Country, we are also delighted that young people appreciate the importance of telling our stories as Australia has a long tradition in telling our unique stories through verse.

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To find out the Winners of the 2010 Competition and to read their poems visit: 

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