About AUSBUY Members

Here you can meet the people who own and run our businesses. These are our people working for our future as past generations have worked and built our wealth. They are our innovators, our job creators, our re-investors. These are our BUILDERS and MAKERS whose Australian products and Australian services represent the Provenance of what is uniquely Australian.

AUSBUY Corporate Member stories are about what drives people to create, to build and to sustain an idea and how we all benefit. It is the essence of what gives these good Australian owned companies their integrity to deliver innovative, high quality, good value and competitively priced products and services. These stories are the provenance of our AUSBUY members – they are unique.

Our businesses have a passion which drives them. These businesses reflect the ANZAC spirit, the four pillars which are the foundation of this country. Their courage, endurance, sacrifice and mateship are the foundation of a good business. For every one who achieves greatness there are thousands who are having a go and setting their own goals for success. Satisfaction does not come alone from public acclaim.

We invite you to read these profiles and imagine how one small idea can be developed to produce something which makes a difference in many lives.

Every big business started with someone having an idea to solve a problem, to satisfy a need and a vision which translated into action. They are “the builders and makers” and are the foundations of Australia.

AUSBUY’s Corporate Members represent a diverse range of Australian products and Australian services, across a wide range of sizes from small one person operations to major organisations supplying Australians and export markets. These businesses interface with us at every level of our lives, 24/7, from cradle to grave.

It would be easy for some businesses to stop employing Australians and simply import goods. But they take their responsibility to their employees seriously and to future generations of Australians. They need our support.

Corporate Membership is open to any Australian owned companies which produce and supply goods and services. Use the search tool on the left hand side to search for AUSBUY members. Go to the Corporate Membership Section for more information.

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