AUSBUY and Politics

AUSBUY is not aligned with any political party and receives no funding from any such source. Obviously we have an interest in the political process and must consider how political actions impact on our members, Australian Owned companies in general, and the long term implications for all citizens who have helped build this country over the past two hundred years and indigenous Australians.

We will, however, comment on policies and not political parties. We will also lobby governments for legislative changes where it is in line with our charter, and will promote Australian Owned companies to governments, especially when governments use tax payers’ money or overseas borrowings to fund expenditure, or allow foreign takeovers of the source of our wealth in land or minerals.

All governments have an opportunity to support Australian businesses first whenever they spend our money. The excuse that Australian businesses are too expensive is wrong. Australian businesses know how to be competitive. They have to be to survive.

Australian businesses get little government support, unlike their foreign competitors. Australian businesses pay more tax than foreign owned companies and operate in a competitive market place.

It is a not a level playing field for Australian business here or overseas and government policies often exacerbate this situation.

Money spent with Australian Owned companies is reinvested into Australia. Money spent with foreign owned companies goes off shore.

We have the knowledge, we have the skills all we need is the will to support our Owned companies. Every other country supports their own. Why shouldn’t we?

It's simple, only ownership means the decisions, profits, jobs, skills and reinvestment stay here.

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