Australia is a Clever, Innovative and Productive Country

Have you ever thought about how clever Australians are and what inventions we have created which have benefited the world?

AUSBUY makes the claim we are clever, innovative and productive based on clear evidence. Given the size of our population, our relatively short history and our isolation, Australian ingenuity has been evident from the early days of settlement in the nineteenth century. Many of these innovations were developed when Australia had less than two million people and still they changed the world.  Many have involved engineering and science – skills which have helped advance the world we have today.

We also must consider that although they were initiated and developed by Australians many are no longer owned by Australians. We are confident Australians will continue to change the world.

You will be surprised and pleased with the list below and if you think you have identified others then let us know at office(at)

Agriculture & Food
Sunshine Header Harvester
Buffalo Fly Trap
Federation Wheat
Miniboil Water Heater
Nematodes for Pest Control
Nogall Pest Control
Partial Rootzone Drying
Rotavator Rotary Hoe
Wine Cask
Toft Cane Harvesters
Dynamic Lifter Fertiliser

Household & Apparel
Balarinji Designs
Brick Veneer House Construction
Dual Flush Toilet
Helena Rubinstein Cosmetics
Hills Clothes Hoist
Mambo Clothes
Refrigeration – James Harrison
Shepherd Castors
Speedo Swimwear
Splayds Cutlery
Staysharp Knife
Triton Work Centre
Victa Rotary Lawn-Mower
Wool Technology  - Fine Wool, Cool Wool etc

Communications & IT
Cochlear Implant
Barra Sonobuoy Sonar
Eddie Special Effects Software
Ericsson Phone Queuing System
Fluid Head Camera Mount
ISYS software
Automatic totalisator
Moldflow Design Software
Mountbatten Brailler
Nomad Computer Interface
Passport Security
School of the Air

Energy & Environment
Atom Engine Ignition
Buried Contact Solar Cell
Cactoblastis Moth
Clean Up Australia Day
Fire-Brake Foam
Orbital Engine Technology
Rib Loc Pipe
Snowy Mountains Scheme
Solahart water heater

Early Australian Cinema – the Kelly Gang 1906
Fairlight CMI Synthesiser
Racecam TV Sport Coverage
Super Sopper Roller
Surf Lifesaving Movement
Sydney Opera House
World Series Cricket

Begg Orthodontic Technique
Breath respirator
Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Cochlear Implant
CPAP Sleep Apnea Control
CSL Anti-venoms
Disposable Syringe
Royal Flying Doctor Service
G-CSF Immunity Booster
IVF  Embryo Freezing
National Trachoma and Eye Health Program
Relaxin Birth Hormone
Relenza Flu Treatment
Sabine Vacine Against Polio
Sola Plastic Lenses
Ultrasound Technology

Casting Thin Sheet Steel
Coalscan Coal Analysis
Crankless engine - cuts our vibration
Durable Heavy Rail Technology
EXELGRAM Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
Froth Flotation Process
Hardwood Pulping
Humespun Pipe
Isasmelt Ore Smelter
Jameson Cell Ore Process
Ore Slurry Probes
Owen Gun
Plastic Banknotes
ISA Process
Warman Slurry Pumps

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Australia Telescope
Flame Ionisation Detector
Polilight Forensic Lamp
X-ray Crystallography

ATPD Pedestrian Button
Baby Safety Capsule
Bishop Steering Systems
Black Box Flight Recorder
The Ute
Michell Thrust Bearing
SCATS traffic flow system
Wave Piercing Catamaran
Smart Card Transit Systems
Emergency Escape Slide

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