The Australian Companies Institute Limited most familiar consumer brand is AUSBUY: AUSBUY Owned and Made, AUSBUY Owned; AUSBUY Owned and Grown.

Since 1991 we have been the only organisation in Australia that represents and promotes Australian owned businesses exclusively across every industry sector including manufacturing, producers and services. We believe that only Australian ownership means the decisions, profits, jobs, skills and reinvestment stay here.  We are a not for profit organisation and have never received government funds. Click here to find out more.

AUSBUY publishes a Buying Guide three times a year, which includes all our Corporate Members, and foreign brands to empower your buying decisions to support our owned. The Buying Guide is available for purchase for only $2.95 in most supermarkets nationally, enter your postcode to the right to find your nearest store. AUSBUY also produces an iPhone App and Android App aimed to make your shopping easier!  Follow us on Social Media Facebook and Twitter.


Lynne Wilkinson, live on Studio 10 on Channel 10 - March 12th, 2014

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SAY NO to the Sale of our Assets till we have a National Interest Test

 Click here to sign the AUSBUY Petition to the Australian Government. 

When foreign interests control our wealth creating assets, the benefits of those assets no longer stay in Australia. Our tax laws favour foreign owned interests. They pay only 10% withholding tax on declared profits, many of which are siphoned off shore. The decisions are made off shore, the profits go off shore, and this puts our jobs, skills and reinvestment at risk.

Click here to sign the petition and show your support!


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